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Wild Beauty

RRP $49.99

  • Author Hunter/Lloyd
  • Category


  • Date Published November 2016
  • Publisher Explore 
  • Edition Type Hardback
  • ISBN 9781741175110

Over the course of four years, journalist Graham Lloyd and photographer Vanessa Hunter sought out Australia’s wildest, most significant and least known natural phenomena. Wild Beauty is an intimate showcase of 26 of these places, which represent the country’s oldest, tallest, longest and more special natural treasures. It offers a glimpse into Australia’s rare - and rarely seen - wildernesses, many of which are considered the most spectacular of their kind on Earth. From a blindfolded helicopter ride to view a stand of king’s holly, the world’s oldest plant, in Tasmania’s South-West Wilderness Area to swimming up close to the world’s largest mass migration of minke whales near the Great Barrier Reef, this book offers a rare glimpse into the little known and secret places that shelter endangered species and spectacular landscapes. Wild Beauty is a visual journey, brought to life with incredible stories about the people who fight, preserve and protect these special places.


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