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Turkish Cookbook

RRP $65

  • Author Dagdeviren, Musa
  • Category

    Summer 2019, Food & Drink

  • Date Published February 2019
  • Publisher Hachette 
  • Edition Type Hardback
  • ISBN 9780714878157
Musa Dagdeverin is revered in Turkey because of his decades-long efforts to capture and restore Turkish culinary heritage. He has three restaurants in Istanbul - the flagship is Ciya, where he serves 1,000 different traditional dishes very year. His passion is the foundation he runs with his wife, and he has been devoted to recreating the culinary heritage of Turkey. He spends time in peoples' home, interviewing home cooks, recreating lost recipes, and recording their food stories and memories; then he cooks and tests every recipe. Far beyond a recipe book, there is no other book like The Turkish Cookbook. It will have 550 recipes (covering all regions) and 120 full-color photographs of finished dishes with stunning tableware, plus scenic atmospheric images of Turkish landscape, environment, markets, and people. An introduction showcasing the culinary cultural history of the country introduces the origins of the recipes, followed by a pantry chapter. Then the primary recipe chapters follow: Soups, Salads & Appetizers; Stuffed & Wrapped Dishes; Red Meat; Poultry & Game; Offal; Fish & Seafood; Pilafs; Bread & Pastries; Desserts; and Beverages. The book will close with a guest chef chapter of menus of recipes. These recipes have been tested for accuracy, making them fully accessible to a wide range of cooking abilities. Every recipe also has a head note - to describe cooking techniques, ingredients, traditional, and significant cultural references.

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