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This title is listed in the Summer 2018, Health & Lifestyle, Inspirational, Fashion & Beauty category.

The Little Pocket Book of Natural Beauty

RRP $22.99

Most of us use a huge variety of beauty products on our skin and hair every day - from shower gel and shampoo, to moisturiser and hand cream - but the majority of these products contain all sorts of chemicals. Natural skincare and fragrance expert, Karen Gilbert, will show you how to avoid these chemicals and make your own lotions and potions at home, using readily available, natural ingredients and easy-to-follow methods.The Little Pocket Book of Natural Beauty is split into four chapters. The first chapter, ‘Getting started’, details how to use ingredients and equipment as well as how to store your creations. The second chapter, ‘For the face’, contains great tips and suggestions for moisturisers, masks and cleansers, whilst ‘For the body’ contains all sorts of know-how, including how to make mango and lime body butter and Barbados-ready body scrub. The final chapter, ‘Bath and Shower’, is filled with luxuries such as cedarwood and ylang ylang bath oil and a skin-softening milk bath, so you’ll always be able to pamper yourself! Each recipe has clear step-by-step photographs to guide you, and there are numerous variations to try. From lip balms to bath oils, this fantastic pocket-sized edition of Natural Beauty teaches you all you need to know to create stunning natural remedies that not only look and smell lovely, but make you feel great!


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