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Surf Shack:Inspired Living by the Breaks

RRP $49.99

  • Author Freudenberger, Nina
  • Category

    Design & Interiors

  • Date Published April 2017
  • Publisher Hardie Grant Books 
  • Edition Type Hardback
  • ISBN 9781743793343

In this stylish and light-infused design book, Domino magazine contributor Nina Freudenberger and former domino photographer Brittany Ambridge offer a glimpse into 20 aspirational bungalows, coastal cabins, boat houses, and hideaways in California, Montauk, Baja, Australia, and more.  Surfing is more than just a recreational activity for its passionate followers -it has become a lifestyle embracing a sense of adventures, zen attitude, and, for many, life near the beach. This sensibility touches every part of their lives including the remarkable places they call home. Surf Shack profiles these spaces, highlighting rooms that prioritize communal socializing and break down barriers between indoors and outdoors, as well as the professional and amateur surfers that crafted them.  Featured surfers include a mix of professionals and serious hobbyists, including Sean MacPherson (whose father starred in Endless Summer and mother was a surf champion), pro longboarder Kassia Meador, surfboard distributor Mel Hayhoe, and furniture maker Mark Tuckey. Lush lifestyle photography shows just how sophisticated and inviting these homes are with personal accents (like handmade surf boards, cactus gardens, or Mexican blankets) juxtaposed with dreamy architectural details (outdoor showers, plunge pools, and skylights).  Just as readers bought Cabin Porn for the vicariousness of simple, rustic, small-space living, so, too, will readers come to this book for the laid-back lifestyle of shown in these homes.


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