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Street Art: Australia

RRP $44.99

  • Author Chamberlin, Lou
  • Category

    Art & Photography

  • Date Published November 2015
  • Publisher Explore 
  • Edition Type Hardback
  • ISBN 9781741174847

As you walk down the street in cities and towns across Australia from Perth to Benalla, Toowoomba to Melbourne, you might stumble across a seven-storey-high painting of a woman’s face on a building; a giant echnida painted onto a wall; a tiny paste-up on the back of a telegraph pole. This glimpse of art on an otherwise dull street both transports and intrigues you: who was the artist? What is the story behind the painting? Street art photographer Lou Chamberlin is following on from the success of her book Street Art: Melbourne with Street Art: Australia, a celebration of street art across the country.


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