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Sorry I Humped Your Leg (and Other Lette

RRP $16.99

  • Author Jeremy Greenberg
  • Category

    Pop Culture & Humour

  • Date Published June 2017
  • Publisher Andrews McMeel Books 
  • Edition Type Stationery
  • ISBN 9781449480509

Sorry I Humped Your Leg (and Other Letters from Dogs Who Loved Too Much) is a brand new batch of laugh-out-loud letters (and accompanying full-color photographs) addressed by dogs to their owners. From an impassioned plea to return from the store with the right doggie treats, to a pep talk from your self-appointed ‘doggie dietician,’ this epistolary treat offers a pooch’s perspective on common canine vs. human cohabitation conundrums. It’s the perfect gift for a dog lover or anyone who appreciates hilarious insights into dog (and human) nature.


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