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RRP $44.99

  • Author Azhar, Mobeen
  • Category

    Summer 2018, Music, Sport & Trivia

  • Date Published December 2017
  • Publisher Carlton Publishing 
  • Edition Type Hardback
  • ISBN 9781780978918

Prince was an icon of artistry and individuality, a symbol (quite literally, at one point in his career) of independence, a man who lived for the art of his music. He chose to position himself outside the confines of the music industry and recorded, played and performed the way he wanted to. And it worked: his fans were devoted, his influence was huge, his music popular around the world, and his live shows legendary: news of his untimely death was met with shock and surprise. Journalist and Prince fanatic Mobeen Azhar interviewed key members of Prince’s entourage, many of them speaking about the great man for the first time and this book highlights those first-hand accounts, to paint a more up-close-and-personal picture of this visionary artist than you have ever seen before.


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