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This title is listed in the Autumn 2018, Pop Culture & Humour category.

Pocket Liz Taylor Wisdom

RRP $12.99

  • Author Hardie Grant
  • Category

    Autumn 2018, Pop Culture & Humour

  • Date Published April 2018
  • Publisher Hardie Grant Books 
  • Edition Type Hardback
  • ISBN 9781784881597

Elizabeth Taylor is one of the world’s most renowned actresses. Famous for her roles in some of the the most best-loved films such as A Place in the Sun and Cat On a Hot Tin Roof, and known internationally for not just her beauty but her generous humanitarian efforts, her legacy lives on today. Pocket Elizabeth Taylor Wisdom is a celebration of this incredible icon and contains some of her most memorable and wittiest quotes on life, love, style, women and more. Beautifully packaged and inspirational with very turn of the page, this is the perfect celebration if a true icon.  ‘I’ve been through it all, baby, I’m Mother Courage.’ ‘You can’t cry on a diamond’s shoulder, and diamonds won’t keep you warm at night, but they’re sure fun when the sun shines!’ ‘Excuses cannot absolve you, and they are so undignified.’ ‘What you are is what others perceive of you. Who you are is what you perceive of yourself.’ ‘I never planned to acquire a lot of jewels or a lot of husbands.’


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