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This title is listed in the Autumn 2018, Pop Culture & Humour category.


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A book for the pizza obsessed, with 80 charming illustrations and information about the history, ingredients,  and lore of everyone’s favorite food.
Pizza is a food that lends itself to legend and obsession, spanning geography, generations, and gender. In lavish illustrations and hand-lettered text, Pizzapedia celebrates all there is to fixate about: the stories behind its origin (we have the ancient Greeks to thank before the Italians); the delectable ingredients, from San Marzano tomatoes to buffalo mozzarella; the failed and the famous inventions (like “the pizza saver,” the piece of plastic that prevents a pizza delivery box top from drooping into the pie); the merits of Sicilian vs. New York vs. Chicago vs. new (Detroit?!) styles; and much more. Like the universally beloved food, this art-driven book of miscellany is inviting, colorful, and a delicious gift to give and get.


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