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This title is listed in the Summer 2019, Children category.

Monster ABC

RRP $19.99

  • Author Sullivan, Kyle
  • Category

    Summer 2019, Children

  • Date Published December 2018
  • Publisher New Holland 
  • Edition Type Board Books
  • ISBN 9780996578707
Featuring tongue-in-cheek humor for adults and unhinged delight for kids, this alphabet book is full of silly monster fun from Alien to Zombie. Whimsical illustrations combined with winky verses add levity throughout, making this the perfect book to make you the coolest mom, dad, aunt or uncle ever.ˇMonster ABCˇcovers the full monster spectrum: Some are well-known (e.g., Alien, Ghost, Zombie), some are regional favorites (e.g., Jersey Devil, Sasquatch) and some come with a passport (e.g., Banshee, Krampus, Quetzalcoatl). These gorgeously quirky monsters and silly verses will prove there's nothing to fear.

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