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Maverick Soul

RRP $60

  • Author Miv
  • Category

    Design & Interiors

  • Date Published October 2017
  • Publisher  
  • Edition Type Hardback
  • ISBN 9781784880439

A bohemian is a person with an unconventional life, a wanderer, adventurer; an artist, musician or a vagabond. These are people who embrace clutter and shun the instant gratification of today’s society, instead opting for a life filled with memories, beauty and comfort. The Maverick Soul is a sumptuous celebration of 24 bohemian people from around the world and their homes.Miv Watts has travelled the globe searching for the most creative and bohemian souls. In England, she wanders around the stunning 17th-century Richmond home of Gael and Francesco Boglioni—owners of Petersham Nurseries and cafe—then on to France, where singer Marianne Faithfull opens the doors to her white stucco Parisian pied-a-terre. She travels to Australia to meet artist Wendy Whitely and her Lavendar Bay ‘Secret Garden’, then to America, where stylist Linda Rodin, and her grey poodle, Winky, lead her around their personality-filled Chelsea digs.From apartments to stately homes, this is a portrait of people who have a wide range of different tastes in music, fashion, art and literature, and come from all walks of life.


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