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This title is listed in the Pop Culture & Humour category.

Love Sucks

RRP $24.99

  • Author Summers, Daria
  • Category

    Pop Culture & Humour

  • Date Published February 2018
  • Publisher Simon & Schuster 
  • Edition Type Hardback
  • ISBN 9781925418699

Tired of hearing about how ‘love is all you need’ and that ‘love will conquer all’? Does the idea of balloons, love hearts, boxes of chocolates and birds suddenly appearing make your teeth ache with the sickly saccharine clichéd insanity? How about some real talk? It’s all a farce. Love sucks. As Charles Bukowski said, ‘If there are junk yards in hell, love is the dog that guards the gates.’ The reality is, love is a madness that makes fools of all of us, and we’re better off without it. Whether you’re broken-hearted or just wise to the idiocy of love, know that you’re not alone. Love Sucks is a gorgeously illustrated collection of funny, bitter and brutally truthful quotes about how truly terrible love is, from music, film, TV, literature and history’s greatest and most jaded minds.


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