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Hong Kong Diner

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Hong Kong Diner is inspired by an exciting, unconventional place, where western sensibilities and food tastes overlap with an ancient cuisine. The definitive ‘commuter town’ where long-haul travellers break their flight for a night out, Hong Kong’s cuisine draws on everything from classic Chinese to America’s west coast, through French, Portuguese and British food. It’s a fast-moving, cosmopolitan culture, a city with countless styles of dining and diverse ingredients. Chef Jeremy Pang grew up with Hong Kong as his second home. Hong Kong Diner represents comfort food at its finest: beef brisket noodle soup from one café, peanut butter French toast and milk tea from the next, claypot rice, savoury doughnuts, the list goes on. Jeremy expertly brings together in this book the very best dishes that the city has to offer. Featuring over 70 recipes including irresistible street food from dumplings, baos, and BBQ snacks, through to hotpots, rice pots, noodles, desserts and drinks, and with a personal insight into the real culinary treasures of the city, Hong Kong Diner is a unique cookbook, one that explores the east-meets-west diner food crossover of Hong Kong alongside its history and customs, bringing this vibrant food culture to life.


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