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Foraged Flora

RRP $69.99

  • Author Lonsdale, Sarah
  • Category


  • Date Published November 2016
  • Publisher Penguin 
  • Edition Type Hardback
  • ISBN 9781607748601

Flower books have come a long way since the static and overly formal books of an earlier era. People are now most interested in loose, organic arrangements and in seeing beauty in imperfection. Foraged Flora reflects this new sensibility, and shows us, through abundant and lush photography, how beauty is all around us in the world. With 12 chapters, each dedicated to a month in the year, the book guides readers in how to use local flowers, branches, and plants found in nature—or just our backyards—to create spectacular and unusual arrangements, both big and small. In addition to hundreds of process photos, finished arrangements, details, and landscapes, there are tips on arranging, information about the plants, and thoughts on our connection to the natural world.


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