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First-time Vegan

RRP $19.99

  • Category

    Summer 2019, Food & Drink

  • Date Published February 2019
  • Publisher Ryland, Peters & Small 
  • Edition Type Hardback
  • ISBN 9781788790628
Choosing to eat a plant-based diet can be good for your health and good for the planet, but many people dive straight in without proper understanding of how to get a nutritionally balanced diet when they suddenly stop eating animal products. Enter First-Time Vegan; the book features essential information on how to ensure your plant-based diet ticks all the right nutritional boxes. Learn how to make the daily essentials you can_t live without: from dairy-free milks to plant-based condiments, these things can be costly to buy readymade and/or full of additives you don_t need. Finally, master the easy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks that will underpin your vegan diet and allow it to be sustainable and enjoyable. Be well-informed, save money, keep healthy and go out there and live your best vegan life, with First-Time Vegan.

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