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This title is listed in the Food & Drink, Health & Lifestyle category.

Fermented Foods for Vitality & Health

RRP $39.99

  • Author Gulin, Dunja
  • Category

    Food & Drink, Health & Lifestyle

  • Date Published May 2015
  • Publisher Ryland, Peters & Small 
  • Edition Type Paperback
  • ISBN 9781849756075

These fermented foods contain friendly bacteria that help to maintain a healthy digestive tract, which can help increase energy levels, stabilize blood pressure and lead to healthier, radiant-looking skin. You’ll find globally-inspired recipes in the Side Salads & Snacks section, from a Scandinavian Chanterelle Salad to Tender Spring Rolls with Fermented Onion.The Probiotic Drinks section includes health-boosting concoctions like Coconut Kefir Smoothie, while Something Sweet provides delightfully tempting recipes.


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