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This title is listed in the Pop Culture & Humour category.

David Bowie: Changes

RRP $39.99

  • Author Welch, Chris
  • Category

    Pop Culture & Humour

  • Date Published December 2016
  • Publisher Carlton Publishing 
  • Edition Type Hardback
  • ISBN 9781780978536
David Bowieˇwas the international figure all starry-eyed hopefuls aspired to when setting out on a path to fame and fortune in the music industry - whether they know it or not. The man had a glittering career fuelled by the spirit of reinvention - he left over 20 albums in his wake - and was as colourful musically as he was dressed. If a picture says a thousand words, this book ranks as the definitive manual on how to leave a lasting legacy in the art scene.ˇ

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