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RRP $19.99

  • Author Yulia Van Doren
  • Category


  • Date Published September 2017
  • Publisher Quadrille 
  • Edition Type Hardback
  • ISBN 9781787130357

From choosing and using to programming, charging and cleansing, Crystals is a modern guide to enhancing your life with these enchanting stones. Often referred to as ‘wisdom keepers’, crystals hold millions of years of the Earth’s history within them. Through emitting steady vibrations, they will help you to become more centred and balanced, creating spaces of Zen around you and your home. Featuring 51 of the most common and interesting crystals, this is a practical guide that will teach you about each stone’s individual properties and how to harness their powers. Discover which crystals are right for you, where best to position them, the perfect pairings and learn how to look after your crystals on a daily basis to deflect any negativity in your life.


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