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Camping With Kids

RRP $19.99

  • Author McGrath, Simon
  • Category


  • Date Published December 2017
  • Publisher Explore 
  • Edition Type Paperback
  • ISBN 9781741175592

Active, happy kids make the best holiday companions, and this illustrated book is brimming with great campsite-based ideas to keep the little ones interested, entertained – and even a little challenged – from dawn until dusk. If any of the younger members of the family have ever said that camping is boring, Camping with Kids will change their minds. With hundreds of activities based on traditional camping favourites, but updated for modern families, kids will love the ideas on getting back to nature, learning survival skills, weather-watching, campfire cooking and storytelling. Wonderfully creative ideas like making a moth-catcher, building a dam and cooking a world-class bacon sanga have been thoughtfully planned to ensure that every hour of the day is enjoyed to the max, sending them to bed tired and happy as the campfire embers burn down. So before you even think about a family camping trip, grab a copy of Camping with Kids, so the whole family can get the most out of their time spent under the stars.


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