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Burn City: Street Art Around Melbourne

RRP $29.99

  • Author Chamberlin, Lou
  • Category

    Art & Photography

  • Date Published December 2017
  • Publisher Explore 
  • Edition Type Hardback
  • ISBN 9781741175394

Street art can be described as a visual conversation between many voices. It’s an open-air exhibition space that is constantly changing through the work of many people acting alone and yet together. It can be colourful, raw, controversial or witty. Melbourne has long been renowned for its dynamic street art scene that covers everything from stencils, paste-ups and yarn bombing to sprayed, rolled and brushed paintings that appear overnight on city streets. And because of its transient nature, street art is best recorded through photographs. This book is a witness and a celebration of street art photographed around Melbourne over the last eight years.


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