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Batched & Bottled

RRP $24.99

  • Author Venning, Max
  • Category

    Food & Drink

  • Date Published June 2018
  • Publisher Quadrille 
  • Edition Type Hardback
  • ISBN 9781787131552
Sick of standing in the corner making cocktails while everyone else is having fun? Fed up of having to buy loads of expensive spirits and bitters? Just want to pour a delicious cocktail any time, any place?Batched & Bottled features 50 of the best recipes for batched and bottled cocktails _ cocktails you can pre-make and bottle, and either pour straight over ice or leave to mature for an hour, a month or even a year. You_ll have cocktails you can drink when you get in from work, or bottles you can crack open come Christmas/summer/birthday/Friday.From negronis and manhattans to more complex concoctions you can infuse with botanicals or fermented ingredients, the recipes follow the seasons and range from simple, stir-through mixes, to more elaborate drinks that require kitchen prep.

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