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This title is listed in the Autumn 2017, Food & Drink category.

So French So Sweet

RRP $29.99

  • Author Gate, Gabriel
  • Category

    Autumn 2017, Food & Drink

  • Date Published June 2017
  • Publisher  
  • Edition Type Hardback
  • ISBN 9781743793015

So French So Sweet is Gabriel Gatés love letter to pâtisserie, baking and sweet treats. An irresistible collection of French classics and Gabriel’s most treasured sweet recipes, it brings together exquisite cakes and tarts, refreshing sorbets and fruity desserts, scrumptious ice creams, mousses and crèmes and heavenly warm desserts. With a focus on fresh seasonal ingredients and home-style cooking, Gabriel shows just how simple it is to create delightful treats for everyone to enjoy.


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