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This title is listed in the Winter 2017, Food & Drink category.

Phillippa’s Home Baking

RRP $39.99

  • Author Cornish, Richard; Grogan, Phillippa
  • Category

    Winter 2017, Food & Drink

  • Date Published March 2017
  • Publisher Penguin 
  • Edition Type Paperback
  • ISBN 9780143784869

Phillippa Grogan is the face and name behind Phillippa’s, a well-respected bakery known for its delicious range of traditional baked goods - breads, cakes and pastries made with true craft, care and the finest ingredients. In this inspiring and generous book, written with Richard Cornish, Phillippa shares more than 140 reliable recipes from Australia, New Zealand and beyond, gathered from family, friends and her travels. What’s more, she hands on her precious baking wisdom, from baker to baker, to guarantee you’ll enjoy all the rewards of successful home baking for your loved ones.


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