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Our Soppy Love Story Journal

RRP $24.99

  • Author Rice, Philippa
  • Category


  • Date Published April 2017
  • Publisher Andrews McMeel Books 
  • Edition Type Paperback
  • ISBN 9781449480417

Philippa Rice s enchanting Soppy comic is now a guided journal for two to complete. It s all about documenting your relationship, your feelings, and your lives together. You can fill it in in order or skip ahead and complete any page you like. You can write or draw your answers. If you both want to complete thesame page, use different colored pens.Keep this book around and fill it in every once in a while. By documenting the small moments in your life, you can appreciate them more. In this book, you can capture a time in your life that you can look back on in the future and remember how it all felt. The prompts and Soppy comics throughout this book will inspire journal writers with thoughtful questions and interactive content, such as Sketch your facial expression for that day;  Check off whether the day was stressful,  productive,  gloomy,  or different ;  Rank your three favorite things;  and Let s never forget. Philippa Rice is a multi-talented artist who creates simple but beautiful comics about the everyday joys of living with someone you love.  -Bored Panda


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