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LOLA’S Cake Journey Around the World

RRP $49.99

  • Author Lola's Bakers,√°Julia Head
  • Category

    Food & Drink

  • Date Published June 2017
  • Publisher Ryland, Peters & Small 
  • Edition Type Hardback
  • ISBN 9781849758093

Discover chic recipes for 80 popular cakes and bakes from across the globe, brought to you by the team behind Londons famous bakery. From American, Middle Eastern and African delicacies to European delights and beyond   bake your way across the continents with this exciting and diverse range of recipes.LOLAs boutique bakeries are the place to go for cakes of all shapes and sizes. Now the professionals behind some of the best bakes in London bring you over 80 recipes that will take you on a scrumptious sugary voyage. What better way to learn about cultures and cuisines than through the medium of baked goods in all their various forms? With Lolas detailed, precise and well-tested recipes you are sure to be in safe hands and practiced home-bakers will be inspired by new skills to master. From simple classics to extravagantly decorated creations that make delightful party centrepieces, Lolas share their recipes for some of the most admired cakes around the world. Divided geographically, the book begins with classics from Northern Europe and Scandinavia including an English Victoria Sponge, Welsh Bara Brith, German Stollen, Austrian Strudel and Swedish Princess Cake. The second chapter covers treats from sunny Southern Europe such as French Millefeuille, Italian Tiramisu Cake and Greek Olive Oil and Lemon Cake. Next, Middle East and Mediterranean offer a dreamy Turkish Delight Cake and sticky Baklava Cake from Saudi Arabia. Chapter four showcases Africa with a Tunisian Fig and Pumpkin Cake and a Ghanaian Peanut and Banana. In America and Caribbean discover American Rainbow Cake or Jamaican Hummingbird Cake. The next chapter features sweet treats from Australia and Oceania such as Australian Lamingtons and Pavlova from New Zealand. Finally, find exotic Asian bakes such as Japanese Cherry Blossom Cake, Indian Sesame Seed Cake and Burmese Mango Cake.


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