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This title is listed in the Spring 2017, Design & Interiors category.

Kinfolk Entrepreneur, The

RRP $49.99

  • Author Williams, Nathan
  • Category

    Spring 2017, Design & Interiors

  • Date Published November 2017
  • Publisher Workman 
  • Edition Type Hardback
  • ISBN 9781579657581

In The Kinfolk Entrepreneur, author Nathan Williams introduces readers to 35 creative business owners around the globe, offering an inspiring, in-depth look behind the scenes of their lives and their companies. Pairing insightful interviews with striking images of these men and women and their workspaces, The Kinfolk Entrepreneur makes business personal. The book profiles both budding and experienced entrepreneurs across a broad range of industries (from fashion designers to hoteliers) in cities across the globe (from Copenhagen to Dubai to Tasmania). Readers will learn how today’s industry leaders handle both their successes and failures, achieve work-life balance, find motivation in the face of adversity, and so much more.


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