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This title is listed in the Music, Sport & Trivia category.

I Before E (Except After C)

RRP $14.99

  • Author Parkinson, Judy
  • Category

    Music, Sport & Trivia

  • Date Published October 2011
  • Publisher Buster Books & Michael O’Mara Books 
  • Edition Type Paperback
  • ISBN 9781843176589

A Sunday Times top-ten titles in 2007 and a bestseller overseas ever since, I Before E (Except after C) has continued to inform and entertain its many readers. Now available in paperback, this delightful gift book has been repackaged with a fresh jacket design for new readers and fans of the series alike. Offering reminders of mnemonics from our youth and containing countless more to help us in adult life, this handy collection contains all the memory aids you’ll ever need to know: from wellknown rhymes, memorable sayings to a selection of more modern methods of boosting one’s failing memory. I Before E (Except after C) will ensure you’ll never struggle to remember names, dates, facts, figures and events ever again.


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