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This title is listed in the Summer 2018, Food & Drink category.

Gluten-Free Flavor Flours

RRP $49.99

  • Author Medrich, Alice
  • Category

    Summer 2018, Food & Drink

  • Date Published December 2017
  • Publisher Workman 
  • Edition Type Paperback
  • ISBN 9781579658069

Baking with flavor flours - oat flour, sorghum flour, teff, coconut flour, and nut flours, like almond and hazelnut - adds a new dimension to dessert recipes. Rather than simply adding starch and structure to a dessert, these flours elevate the taste of the dessert as well. The recipes incorporate the most popular alternative flours available on the market today and use them in interesting ways, both alone and in combination. Gluten-free bakers will find a whole new range of baking options at their fingertips. With 125 accessible and delicious recipes, including Double Oat Cookies, Buckwheat Gingerbread, Chocolate Chestnut Soufflé Cake, Blueberry Corn Flour Cobbler, and Coconut Key Lime Tart, living gluten-free has never been tastier.


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