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This title is listed in the Inspirational, Travel category.

France: Inspiration du Jour

RRP $34.99

  • Author Dunn, Rae
  • Category

    Inspirational, Travel

  • Date Published January 2017
  • Publisher Chronicle Books 
  • Edition Type Hardback
  • ISBN 9781452153650

Take a peek inside the gorgeous sketchbooks that artist Rae Dunn compiles during her annual sojourns in France. This enchanting volume instantly transports readers to Paris, Provence, and the Riviera. Colors, tastes, and smells come to life in Dunn’s charming watercolor sketches of cityscapes and landscapes, foods and pastimes that epitomize the romance of France. Additionally, hand-lettered notes reveal Dunn’s inspirations as an artist, drawing parallels among photographs, sketches, and her practice as a ceramicist. Francophiles and art lovers will rejoice in this thoughtful celebration of this most beloved region’s myriad everyday pleasures.


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