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This title is listed in the Pop Culture & Humour category.

Darn It!

RRP $22.99

  • Author Williams, Sarah
  • Category

    Pop Culture & Humour

  • Date Published December 2013
  • Publisher Buster Books & Michael O’Mara Books 
  • Edition Type Hardback
  • ISBN 9781782431176

Have you ever wondered how you’d survive without your wife or girlfriend (or mum!) attending to those little tasks - such as mending, sewing and cleaning - that you should, rather embarrassingly, be able to do yourself? Have you ever wished you knew these skills so that you can finally sew on a button or remove a stain on your own? Then this is the book for you! From baking bread and birthday cakes to ironing a shirt and treating a sting, Darn It! features all the essential skills that a man should learn to make his life that little bit easier.


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