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Bee’s Brilliant Biscuits

RRP $24.99

  • Author Berrie, Bee
  • Category

    Food & Drink

  • Date Published May 2016
  • Publisher Penguin 
  • Edition Type Hardback
  • ISBN 9781910496466

Bee Berrie of Bee’s Bakery is on a mission to bring unique biscuits and cookies into everyone’s life. She believes the secret to great baking is to give your bakes a personal edge. Her biscuits are original, colourful, flavourful and so much fun - she has a flair for bringing classic recipes bang up to date. Whether you want a sophisticated digestive to dunk in your tea, a personalized jammie dodger to give as a gift, cookies iced with crystallized edible flowers or an inky tattooed sea salt and brown butter cookie, you’ll find the recipe in this exciting book.


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